Babe Alert! Sustainable baby gift ideas


We could all use a little bit of adorable right about now...

Wow!  What a few weeks it has been - our lives have been completely turned upside down as we have all had to readjust to the #newnormal.  This hasn't been easy for many families to say the least between homeschooling, working from home, staying safe, and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally - all under one roof, all the time.  I cannot help but to think we as a collective human race have somehow forgotten HOW to connect.  And that we are ALL indeed connected. The universe is reminding us of this here and now. There is one thing that remains constant and keeps us connected throughout this time - babies.  Thank goodness as they bring so much joy, love and abundance into the world!  We may have postponed the baby showers but there is no reason you cannot connect with your "new parents" and shower them with a little virtual love.  I have just posted an IGTV Video  highlighting some of my favorite sustainably made baby gift ideas from the shop. By the way... For those of you who don't already follow us on Instagram or Facebook, please do!!!  I post the majority of my content and updates are there including IGTV Videos with featured items, posts of adorable TLRP kids, tagged products, plus daily Instagram stories that are sweet and uplifting.  The best part is, you can shop directly off of either channel so easily (check out our Facebook Shop). You can also DM me with questions on this, and TAG your children wearing clothes from the shop so that I may share with our community.   I really encourage this as it's another great way to stay connected. And finally ... The Little Red Package has launched!  People are LOVING these curated consignment boxes that get delivered directly to your door.  There is no obligation - I send you clothing options based on your needs, you keep only what you love, and then I arrange the return of the rest.  I can even do "runthrough' with you prior via Facetime if you prefer.  This is virtual shopping at it's finest and I encourage you to take advantage of this personal styling service. As always we are grateful for your support of our small business during this time.  We are doing our best to "keep the lights on" for you and your families! From Mars with love, xxMindi
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