Baby Skin Shield
This gentle baby safe formula is ultra-soothing and hydrating. Excellent for cradle-cap. We offer this in 4 oz. Instructions for Use: Safe for use during or after bath time, or as desired throughout the day. Ingredients: Almond Oil*, Jojoba Oil*,...
$124.00 $86.80
Mama Oil
This gentle formula promotes skin elasticity while gently moisturizing. We offer this in 4 oz. Instructions for Use: Use in or after bath, or throughout the day as desired on face, hands, belly, scalp, and feet. Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil*,...
$124.00 $86.80
Nourishing Oil
Universally loved for its medicinal properties, this star formula is all about repair, protection, and calming. This unique blend can also be used on its own as a cleanser, serum, and moisture sealer or as an all-in-one detox protocol. We...
$72.00 $50.40
Earth Minerals & Mesquite Honey Mask
Great for combination, oily, or troublesome complexions. Gently draws out impurities without disturbing the skin’s delicate balance. Contains healing organic honey harvested from native Mesquite trees, Ashwaganda root, Golden Jojoba, and edible Red Clay to detox skin and balance sebum...
$72.00 $50.40
Sunburst Calming Mask
Soothing, comforting formula with organic chamomile and calendula flowers, rose oil, and MSM, with a soft and fluffy texture to seriously relax your senses and skin. Great for bath time or before showering. Can also be used as a powerful...
$65.00 $45.50
Ayurvedic Eye Rinse
This ancient ritual of eye bathing cleanses, moisturizes, and nourishes delicate eye tissues and their surrounding muscles. Offered in 4 oz. Instructions for Use: Pour a capful into the eye wash cap, gently press the rim against the skin around...
$27.00 $18.90
Detoxifying Pulling Oil
A great tasting combination of oils and plant essences to aid in whole body detoxification and to support removal of stains and toxic buildup from teeth and gums. Our pulling oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to heal and rejuvenate...
$65.00 $45.50
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