Introducing Brooklyn's own ISCY Sandals

Did you know that twenty billion pairs of shoes are produced annually and roughly 300 million end up in landfills?? Brooklyn shoe designer, Sungwhoo Roh does which is why she created ISCY Sandals. When she walked into my store last Spring looking for cute sundresses for their newly launching shoe campaign, of course my interest was piqued. She had me at sustainable, eco friendly and up cycled. Then she showed her samples. OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW CUTE THESE ARE!! I immediately cancelled my Birkenstock order and here we are. Hand crafted from her brothers artisanal workshop in Seoul, Korea, these colorful interchangeable sandals are made from vegetable tanned leather and natural rubber. Offered in 5 colors for both WOMEN AND KIDS, they are made with practicality and comfort, designed to soften up and wear beautifully over time. When you are finished you can either hand them down to friends or family or return them to us and we will give them to ISCY to up cycle them into a new pair! These are made to order so please allow up to 3 weeks from the date of your order for processing, before your package is shipped out. All styles except the Annie have a natural color base, you chose your upper design and color. As always we are grateful for your support of our small business during this time. We are doing our best to "keep the lights on" and stay connected for you and your families so your online orders mean the world to us! Stay safe! xxMindi
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