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What would Lady Di do?

by admin 27 Feb 2020
Mini_Rodini_ss20_Lady_Di What would Lady Di do? A pioneer of many controversial social issues in her day, Lady Diana of Wales was the epitome of change through grace. Compassionately supporting causes from the ban on Angola landmines to her fight to end the HIV/AIDS stigma, she bravely broke through tradition and fear and set the standard for future generations. I cannot help but to think that if the Princess was still with us today, she would be a champion of sustainability and the Climate Movement. So it's no great surprise that the frontrunner in sustainable fashion, Mini Rodini, pays homage to her Royal Highness in their SS20 Collection Lady Diana. From their colorfully bold blazers with prepster stripes and blazing emblem patches, to their Barbour style Spring jackets, to their 80's retro silhouettes speckled in butterflies, the collection is altogether playful, well designed, and oh so relevant. Living proof you do not have to give up style to be sustainable!! Mini Rodini has been doing this sustainable thing for 20 years. Here is a page out of their completely transparent sustainability report . When I read this for the first time, I knew this was the path that need to be taken for the Little Red Planet and an inspiring goal for the fashion industry. FABRIC 99% of their products are made from sustainable materials yearly such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Modal® (with a 80% composition ratio). They mainly work with GOTS, Fairtrade, Oeko-Tex, OCS, Bionic Finish Eco, GRS, FSC, and SA-8000. They also have a selection of upcycled products where they reuse leftover fabric from earlier collections. They do not use skins, suede, fur, feathers, wool with mulesing or conventional silk in any of their products or collaborations. CHEMICALS They actively work to limit the use and waste of chemicals in all of their products. To be proactive and stay up-to-date with the latest news concerning chemicals, Mini Rodini is a member of the Chemical Group at Swerea – a network for training and dialogue with experts and other brands in the industry on how to monitor best possible risk assessment and compliance. WASTE They use environmental standards that ask the suppliers to have policies such as water treatment plants and sustainable chemical management and do their best to optimize every batch of production. Instead of sourcing new fabric qualities for each season, the majority of their fabric qualities is repeated. SOCIAL RIGHTS Like other companies in the clothing industry, Mini Rodini does not own any factories. Instead, they share the responsibility together with other brands. They source factories with sustainability and fair labor as key criteria and priority and therefore choose facilities already certified with the well known third party standards such as Fairtrade and SA-8000. Mini Rodini is available now at The Little Red Planet both online and at our North 3rd Street Market shop. We are launching more Spring collections every week so come in and say "hello." And in the meantime, you can also shop our Winter Sale with direct mark downs up to 50% off. From Mars with love, xxMindi
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