Grandparent's Gift Guide

  Thanks Grandma! Let's be honest. We love the grandparents for many many reasons but we especially love them around the holidays.... Their house is typically decorated to the nines while ours is a consistent mess. They make all kinds of holiday goodies with the kids (even the occasional gingerbread house). Grandpa (or his golf buddy) plays an enthusiastic Santa. They shower their grandchildren with unconditional love (you know the kind that makes you scratch your head wondering if you were ever really loved at all). And let's face it, they LOVE to spoil their babies once removed with amazing holiday gifts. That is, with a little bit of guidance. So I am going to make this nice and easy. Here's the "grandparent gift guide" to the gifts you would love to give your kids, but would love your parents to give them even more :) And we are now offering Gift Certificates! These are a perfect option for child who is extra tricky to shop for and we've made them super easy to use. Happy shopping! From Mars with love, xxMindi (photo courtesy of @charliegrosss)
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