Back to School for Boys: It's not so elementary

Sometime Soon Sometime Soon is hands-down one of my favorite labels for boys. Here's why: Every boy is unique—whether he's an athlete, an artist, or an intellectual. But when it comes to dressing, as a general rule of thumb boys—just like girls—develop a keen sense of stye from early age. They know what what they like, and what they don't.  Here's some simple guidelines to keep your little guy looking and feeling sharp this school year. While most girls love the drama and flare, boys tend to be more classic in their approach to dressing. They gravitate toward soft, natural fabrics like jersey knit, cashmere, cotton—even velour (will get to that in a minute).  As with menswear, tailoring, construction, and fit are paramount for boys even on a subconscious level (they know a well made tee, jogger, or hoodie when they wear one). As for palette—dark colors like navy, dark grey, black, and forest green are king.  Reds and brighter blues for a pop of color sometimes.  Boys don't necessarily want to 'match' so these colors are safe options for them in creating low key looks that get just the right amount of attention. Strong graphics or a great logo and masculine prints are a fun addition, as long as they aren't too cutesy for the over five set. For all of these reasons the Danish brand, Sometime Soon is one of my favorite labels for boys (and even the occasional tomboy) ages 2-14 —they get it right every time. Their classic silhouettes have a twist whether it's the fabrication (yes that includes this seasons hit velour joggers), a strong message, or the incredible low key color combinations.  This line is the perfect mash up of urban streetwear and sporty ruggedness, with a touch of classic hipster while keeping it carefree and playful. We've stocked Sometime Soon soft pants, tees, sweaters, hoodies, caps and outerwear that make the perfect building blocks for his fall wardrobe refresh. If you need help choosing the perfect piece, as always, don't hesitate to drop me a line at Check out Sometime Soon in the shop—you won't be disappointed! From Mars with Love, Mindi Founder, The Little Red Planet
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