The Little Red fashion delivered to your door.

  I was going to wait on the wide scale launch of this, but sometimes the universe has a way of putting something directly in front of you.  Like so many of you, the Coronavirus had me spinning the past few days.  But for me, I find it's best to go inward not outward in times like these.  I turn off the news, social media, my daughters Tik Tok (which is filled with angst ridden teens btw) and sit still, breath, stay present, find a way to be grateful, meditate, and find solutions at a higher vibration, not the lower level of the problem.  It works every time. Which leads me to The Little Red Package.  I have been delivering styled concierge boxes to some of you over this past year and it has been well received to say the least.  As a childrens stylist for 20 years I have mastered the art of reading clients (big and small), their lifestyle, fashion sense, fit, and personalities.  It's a definite strength of mine and I would love to offer it to you going forward.  Now more than ever, seems like a great time to offer this leveled up remote shopping experience.  Here's what a few of my clients have said: First, I LOVED everything! You nailed it!  ~Anna Marie Tiscione Please leave me a bunch of stuff, this is so great like a dream come true. ~ Jacquiline Tatelman You not only have an amazing eye for curating all the items in the boutique but also take the time to give us great advice and help style the best outfits for our needs. You're a very talented kids stylist! ~Carmen Alvarado How it works:
  1. Email me at .  I will need a cc on file.
  2. I will ask some questions to narrow down what I pull for you (size, particular needs, designers you like) and look at your past purchase history.
  3. I ship you a box (return label included)
  4. You try it on the kiddos in the comfort of your own home (I ask 3 days at the most for this)
  5. You ship back what you don't love and only get charged for what you keep!
Or please feel free to shop online and/or utilize this great new concierge service from wherever you are. Be safe, stay calm, remain grateful! From Mars with love, xxMindi   Concierge Box
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