• Soft Gallery AW20 The Eye of the Explorer

    Soft Gallery AW20 The Eye of the Explorer

    And so the Adventure begins ... Soft Gallery’s Autunm/Winther2020 collection,The eye of the explorer, praises children’s inquisitive spirit to the outdoors. Seek and you will find a magnificient woodland, full of forest creatures, waiting to be ex-plored. Venturing towards what we see, feel, and hear. Peeking through the calming mist of flower-dust to reveal a meadow full of earth toned blooms, soft and muted....
  • The Animals Observatory AW20

    The Animals Observatory AW20

    Calling all Animal Lovers! The Animals Observatory Fall/Winter 2020 collection designed by Laia Aguilar is a love story with pop iconography, from David Hockney to Jarvis Cocker, with a touch of Bruno Munari´s geometrical aesthetic. Bold outlines, colors clashing in the best way… purples with greens, reds with blues. A combination of structured, oversized silhouettes that are comfortable, statement making, and as always, wearable...
  • Bobo Choses AW20

    Bobo Choses AW20

    What do you want to be when you grow up? If astronaut or fireman is not of your like, this catalogue of marvelous trades may help inspire you. All trades are important. The janitor is as necessary as the doctor as long as everyone brings something positive to society. These trades may go unnoticed but they are essential and require serious skills and a...
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