Featured in Kidswear Magazine LISTEN: NEW YORK II

KIDSWEAR-LES-COYOTES-DE-PARIS "Music is the universal human language of emotion, connecting us across genres and continents. And our personal stories about how music creates hope are especially powerful." ~ Sounds of Saving Last year, photographer and psychotherapist Charlie Gross and I created a portrait series for Kidswear Magazine called Listen: New York. It was a compilation of images and interviews of NYC kids spanning over a couple of months throughout various neighborhoods from Brooklyn to Harlem. We wanted to hear what the kids have to say on everything from climate change to Play Doh to friendships and basketball. This time we wanted to know what the kids are listening to. Music has a nearly universal ability to be there for us at times throughout our lives, in all sorts of moods, to inspire us, and to even define certain moments. So we asked them about some songs that – even at their young age – have ‘found them at the right time’ and why. We can learn a lot from the next generation - they're articulate, knowledgeable, compassionate, curious, and socially conscious. And they have great taste in music!!! The future is bright, we just need to listen. You can check out their answers and incredible style in the Kidswear editorial online now. They've made it very easy to shop each look directly back to the site and all clothing and accessories are 30% off during our Winter Sale. Happy New Year to all of you ! From Mars With Love, xxMindi
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