My quick fix to tighten your morning routine.

    Gotta keep it tight!  Stocking up on this seasons graphic tights and socks can save you from the morning meltdown.... It's 8:15 on a Thursday morning and you're staring at your half dressed child hanging upside down in her bed, hair uncombed, tears in her eyes, clothes strewn everywhere and no shoes to be seen.  Forget about her teeth being brushed.  You look down and you're still in your pajamas.  The bus is out front.  Sound familiar? Getting your little angel dressed in the morning is the single most frustrating part of the day, but it doesn't have to be!  Like everything else about parenting that works, you need to think creatively.  Involve her in the process!  As with cooking, when you let your little one PREPARE the veggies, they're more likely to EAT the veggies. First step - let her pick out her favorite pair of TIGHTS (this includes leggings or socks) !  It's a small choice but the first one of the day and that makes it important.  Then build the outfit around those tights together.  That choice will make her feel valid and be more flexible with the rest of the outfit.   No tears because she thinks it's HER choice.  And honestly letting your child make her own wardrobe decisions (within reason) promotes both creativity and independence. Tights, socks and leggings make an outfit come to LIFE, transition Summer dresses into Winter and keep her toasty warm. Make sure you have a fresh stock each season, no holes, and not too small!  You can even layer the two very those chilly snow days.  It's the foundation of a great outfit and an even better attitude. I have stocked up on loads of graphic tights, socks and leggings this season from Wolf & Rita,  Emile et Ida , Bobo Choses and Kids Case.  They make awesome stocking stuffers and won't break the bank. Chill out and stay warm :) From Mars with love, xxMindi (photo courtesy of @charliegrosss)    
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