We landed the Cover of Harpers Bazaar Kids !!

bazaar_kids_cover Every day is Mothers Day... A bit late with this but as I was writing it, I was being tugged at by Mars to get off my laptop and help her with the Mother's Day brunch she was making for me. In all honesty, in that moment I would have preferred curling up in bed with a bowl of cornflakes and Netflix. All I really want is for someone to do the dishes and sort the laundry and not use or say the word "mom" in my presence for the day. Ugh is that bad? The push-pull work- life balance is never ending and now more than ever. We are warriors plain and simple. The heart of the family, the glue. With so much strength and endurance - love, humility, patience and creativity. Every day is your day, mom. Speaking of which, I wanted to share this sweet editorial shot in isolation with her two girls by fellow mom Priscilla Gragg last month for Harpers Bazaar Kids (click here for story). I always love it when photographers shoot their own children - there is such authentic intimacy in each image. The uber talented Carolyn Kelly stepped in to Art Direct virtually and I styled the shoot with clothes from the shop via Facetime and text. I am proud to say we were able to create a bit of magic from afar with the tiniest carbon footprint. I love this idea that less is the new more. I'm available if you want to schedule an appointment to visit the Willilamsburg shop in person or via Facetime. Just give me a shout! Oh, and I will keep you posted on our plans for summer. We are brainstorming creative ways to serve you during this time with pop ups, trunk shows and more. Stay safe, sane, and healthy, xxMindi Photos courtesy of @prigragg
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