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We landed the Cover of Harpers Bazaar Kids !!


Every day is Mothers Day… A bit late with this but as I was writing it, I was being tugged at by Mars to get off my laptop and help her with the Mother’s Day brunch she was making for me. In all honesty, in that moment I would have preferred curling up in bed […]

Grandparent’s Gift Guide

  Thanks Grandma! Let’s be honest. We love the grandparents for many many reasons but we especially love them around the holidays…. Their house is typically decorated to the nines while ours is a consistent mess. They make all kinds of holiday goodies with the kids (even the occasional gingerbread house). Grandpa (or his golf […]

Luna y Sol in fy Magazine

fy mag luna y sol

Last month in our twinning story for fy mag,I teamed up with photographer Anna Palma to explore the unisex paradigm with models Xavier and Cocozine, Luna y Sol. The sun and the moon, the yin and the yang, the masculine and feminine that resides in all of us has a certain unwavering beauty with children. Luckily, […]