Apple Ecru Terry Baby Sweatshirt

Terry cloth sweatshirt with apple print on an ecru background. What makes one sweatshirt different from another? The material, a mix of cotton and polyester, the color, a print, or some details. This time, we have printed mini red apples in all-over. Because it's good because we like their scent because eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away because implicitly, this print awakens our senses, reminiscent of childhood. Like all sweatshirts, it has two long sleeves and ribbed trims, fancy cuffs. Like many sweatshirts, it has two long sleeves, a crew neckline, and ribbed trims.
The soft, fluffy, and comfortable cotton blended with a small amount of polyester gives the fabric exceptional elasticity and prevents it from wrinkling.
80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
Made in Portugal
Size :
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