Girls & Boys Size Guide

Age / SizeHeightChestWaistWeight
2 yrs83-9633-3852-5520-2148-4919-2013-1628-35
4 yrs99-11039-4356-5922-2352-5320-2116-2135-47
6 yrs11-12244-4860-6324-2554-5521-2221-2947-64
8 yrs123-13448-5364-6926-2756-5722-2329-3264-70
10 yrs134-14053-557028592333-3573-76
12 yrs141-15256-607831622435-3776-80
14 yrs153-15860-628232642541-5190-112

Wide Whale Paperbag Corduroy Trousers Chocolate

$79.00 $39.50

This wide whale corduroy pant has a paperbag waist and so soft and lush it looks like velvet. Pair it with a chunky sweater, sweatshirt or turtleneck tucked in for a modern look.  Don’t forget the chunky boots or sneakers!