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The Little Red Package


The Little Red Package…curated kids fashion delivered to your door. I’m at it again !! Or truth be told, I never stopped. As we go back into lock down this holiday season, I want to remind you to take advantage of The Little Red Package. I have been delivering curated kids fashion boxes to many […]

The Magic of Hi-Lo Holiday Dressing

  “When they go low, we go high.” ~ Michelle Obama There is enough stress around the holidays without the added anxiety of getting the kiddos dressed up and out the door for special occasions.  Times have changed and what used to be the gold standard for holiday dressing has shifted to a more modern […]

Grandparent’s Gift Guide

  Thanks Grandma! Let’s be honest. We love the grandparents for many many reasons but we especially love them around the holidays…. Their house is typically decorated to the nines while ours is a consistent mess. They make all kinds of holiday goodies with the kids (even the occasional gingerbread house). Grandpa (or his golf […]

Back to School for Boys: It’s not so elementary

Sometime Soon is hands-down one of my favorite labels for boys. Here’s why: Every boy is unique—whether he’s an athlete, an artist, or an intellectual. But when it comes to dressing, as a general rule of thumb boys—just like girls—develop a keen sense of stye from early age. They know what what they like, and […]

Sustainable Kids Fashion: Buy Well Buy Once

Buy well buy once is my mantra for sustainable kids fashion—and it’s more nuanced than just buying an organic cotton tee.  Investing in quality clothing for kids is the most sustainable approach to dressing children.  Yes, we’ve all heard it before: why spend money on kids when they outgrow their clothes so quickly?  Or: my […]